Santa Teresa extends over a six-kilometer-long main road that stretches parallel to the coast. Playa Carmen and Playa Santa Teresa are two amazing beaches in Santa Teresa, which are easily accessed from Cabinas Calocita. Along the main road, there are two small centers which feature shopping, dining, and more.

When arriving in town from Cobano, a left-hand turn will take you into the quiet community of Mal Pais. Here, three kilometers from the crossroads, there is a small but busy fishing port, ideal for buying the day’s catch for that night’s enjoyment. A right-hand turn at the crossroads brings you into Santa Teresa. Along the first 400 meters of Santa Teresa, you can find everything you need, including a grocery store, shopping center, two banks with ATMs, many quaint shops and plenty of restaurants and bars. There is a second small commerce center two kilometers further north that features more shopping and dining.


As we mentioned in the introduction, Cabinas Calocita offers a well-equipped community kitchen where you can do anything from prepare all your meals to just whipping up the occasional snack, and everything in between. The grocery store is just around the corner and storage for your groceries is provided in the kitchen.

For those who would rather partake of the local eateries, there are many excellent options to suit any budget and palate. From the typical Costa Rican “sodas” to international fare such as Italian, Argentinean, and more, there is truly something for everybody.


During the high season, Santa Teresa has a bustling night life scene. Any night of the week can be happily passed at a local sports bar or other watering hole. On Thursdays, many visitors and locals alike enjoy dancing the night away at Kika and La Lora Amarilla, located next door to each other at the north end of town. Kika offers live music and drinks until midnight, and La Lora picks up where Kika leaves off with house music and a bar, making for a great time for all.


The weather in Santa Teresa is typical of a coastal jungle landscape. It is very warm year round, with our hottest, driest months being March and April. The “dry season” (also known as the “high season”) is our busiest time of year, and lasts from December through April. Some shops and bars are only open during the high season, and it’s a busy time for the entire Nicoya Peninsula.

The “rainy season” is from May through November. During this time, it rains regularly, but there are many beautiful days to be enjoyed as well, especially during what tourism has dubbed the “green season”. The green season last from May through August, and during this time it typically rains in the afternoons, leaving the rest of the day to be enjoyed.

The rainiest time of year in Santa Teresa is September through October, when it rains more often than not. During this time many local businesses are closed and travel can be tricky. It’s still a great time to visit, however, because tourism has slowed to a trickle, making accommodations and activities plentiful and often discounted.

The temperatures in Santa Teresa are consistent year-round, with highs averaging 29°C (84°F) and lows around 18°C (64°F).