Surfing is certainly the most famous and common activity here in Santa Teresa.

The town is packed with surfers, everyone from those new to the sport to the pros. We are fortunate to have absolutely perfect conditions to practice this sport, and plenty of surf shops for the best gear and instruction.

There are two beaches with different wave types and several reef breaks available. Because of the consistent year round swell there is always a wave worth riding within walking distance.


Off-roading adventure await you in this jungle haven.

There are several quad/motocross rental locations nearby where you can get equipped for your adventure.

Beautiful Santa Teresa is surrounded by an amazing tropical hilly countryside and many secluded beaches. River crossings and small paths will awaken your pulse and widen your eyes. Quads are easy to handle and are fun for anybody looking to explore this exciting and diverse landscape.


Besides surfing, the next most popular activity in Santa Teresa is yoga. There are numerous quality instructors and studios, many of which are a very short walk from our front door. In Mal Pais, our neighbor to the south, there are jungle canopy tours where you feel like Tarzan, “flying” through the jungle on zip lines. In nearby Montezuma, you can find waterfalls to hike along above natural pools that are fun for swimming.

For those interested in local wildlife, a visit to one of our nearby national parks is your ticket to fun. Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica’s first national preserve is a very popular destination. Cabo Blanco, a seabird sanctuary, is also home to a host of wildlife, from capuchin monkeys to ocelots.

Finally, for those who enjoy the water but aren’t into surfing, there are many tourist companies that will take you on a snorkeling trip or fishing expedition. No matter what your interests are, there is something here for you.